The Mini-Diff VPro is a 3D Hemispherical Scattering Measurement, camera based, to characterize scattering surfaces.  Like the Mini-Diff V2, the Mini-Diff VPro provides BRDF and BTDF and TIS measurements for Red, Green and Blue colrs (RGB).  It also delivers the comor data in reflection or transmission.  You can find more information and video on

Beacon Concepts offers Light Tec's services such as scattering measurements (BSDF for Bidirectional Scattering Distribution Function).  The BSDF determines the surface characterization of materials, objects or all kinds of surfaces through the light dispersion.  The measurement can be done in reflection(BRDF) or in transmission (BTDF).

Scattering measurements available :

  - 2D & 3D BSDF (Front & Back) measurements

  - High resolution BSDF

  - Spectral BSDF

  - TIR (Total Internal Reflectivity) measurements

  - TIS (Total Integrated Scatter) measurements

  - From UV (280 nm), trough Visible, up to IR 3.39 and 10.6 microns

The measurement data is delivered in text format.  Than, all data can be imported in every optical design software!

Light Tec has also developed a refractometer dedicated to the refractive index measurements of optical plastic (PMMA) plates with absolute accuracy of +/-0.001 and the high repeatability (better than 1%)

They have a laboratory especially dedicated to measurement.  The laboratory is a black room to avoid any inconvenient stray light and the temperature is controlled and regulated for optimal mesurement environment.

​Scattering Measurement Services


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The REFLET 180S is a unique stand-alone scattering measurement system.  REFLET 180S is especially suited for back/forward scatter light characterization for all types of materials and objects.  It allows you to measure the light distribution contained in the radiation lobe of these materials in photometric and colorimetric terms.  Moreover, the system measures BRDF & BTDF which perfectly represents the way any surface scatters incoming light in 3D space.  You can find more information and video on ​​

Mini-Diff V2


Mini-Diff V Pro

Mini-Diff V2 is a compact and portable optical system for scattering characterization:  measure the BRDF and BTDF of any kind of materials and objects.  With Mini-Diff V2 you can measure in a fast and easy way, the luminous energy distribution and consequently characterizes surfaces of your examined regions such as roughness, defects as well as types of coatings or paintings and more.  You can find more information on

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